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Serialization Pharma

TQS-CP 0 OCS Equipamento para rastreabilidade de medicamentos

Reliable serialisation and labeling systems for the manufacturers of pharmaceutical products can put an end to the very serious global trade in illegal drugs once and for all. With 2011/62/EU Directive, the European Union has brought the initiative to combat the life threatening counterfeiting of medicinal products irrevocably closer to victory.
Result: Mandatory serialisation is coming!

The prerequisite for safeguarding against falsified medicines is the assignment of a unique serial number linked to the individual production data (product identification GTIN/NTIN/PPN, expiry date, and batch number) in the form of a Data Matrix Code. The distinctive “branding” by the pharmaceutical industry in conjunction with sealed labels on the packaging ensures the authenticity and integrity of a drug unit and protection from tampering. Traceability is an essential key to safe drugs and the basis for absolute confidence on the part of the consumer in the pharmaceutical industry and its products.

Conheça no site da Serialization Pharma mais detalhes, informações e soluções de serialização e rotulagem de medicamentos.

A MCPACK fornece todo o conjunto de hardware e software parar a implantação da rastreabilidade de medicamentos. Clique aqui e conheça.

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